Every glasses wearer is familiar with lenses fogging up – whether from wearing a facemask, stepping from a cold environment into a warm one or just consuming a hot drink. ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes provide fog free vision with gentle cleaning.

ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes are individually packaged for convenience. Each disposable cloth consists of a soft, microfine fabric that ensures gentle cleaning without damaging the anti-reflective coating. In addition to eyeglass lenses, they also provide anti-fog protection for safety and sports glasses and other optical surfaces such as helmet visors.

How do they work? The wipes leave a thin film on the lens – comparable to an additional temporary coating. This ensures that fine droplets of condensation can no longer adhere to the surface of the lens. When your glasses need to be cleaned again – at the latest, after 72 hours – it is recommended to repeat the cleaning process on both sides of the lens.